Best Time to Visit Hawaii | Months & Seasons Guide

Hawaii is one of those places that everyone likes to visit because they are exciting and relaxing. That being said, finding the best time to visit Hawaii is extremely important. With a bit of a trial and error you can make it work, it all comes down to proper planning. Here you have all the information you need if you want to enjoy Hawaii at its own pace.

When should you visit Hawaii?

That usually depends on the type of activity that you want to pursue. Normally, you will find the best weather in October, September, May and April. Between November and March you have rainy months, and June to November is the hurricane season. While there are no major hurricanes, the truth is that it’s a good idea to stay away. Winter is also known for the fact that it can bring you amazing waves for surfing too. Normally November is the quietest month in the year in Hawaii for tourists. So yes, while it sounds appealing, the weather is not exactly great during that time, so you have to adapt adequately.

The best weather in Hawaii

This is usually sometime in June, July and September. You will have less rainfall when compared to the rest of the year, and on top of that the water temperatures tend to be higher. Overall, Hawaii is known for the fact that it has a really good weather all year long. So even if you can’t prepare for some visits outside of the rainy season, you will still have plenty of benefits and that’s certainly something to take into consideration.

Great times for surfing in Hawaii

We believe that Hawaii can be great for surfing especially between the middle of November to Early February. That doesn’t mean the weather will be great, but this is when you can find all the amazing waves you expect. That being said, if you’re a newcomer you may want to go to the southern coasts in the winter if you want.

Hawaii events

During the summer you can enjoy the Prince Lot Hula Festival. The fall has an amazing Hawaii Food And Wine Festival and the Aloha Festivals. Even during the winter you have stuff to do, more specifically attending the Vans Triple Crown and many other surfing competitions. During the spring you have the Honolulu Festival in March or the amazing Lantern Floating Festival. So yes, there’s plenty of stuff for you to enjoy and attend, it all comes down to figuring out when you have time for such events and it can certainly be a lot of fun.

Best time for whale watching

If you like the idea of checking out wales exploring the Hawaii waters, then you want to go between late December and Late April. There are some great spots like the Kohala Coast or Maui where you can watch these amazing creatures exploring and enjoying the world at their own pace. It’s really fun, and it’s certainly very exciting. If you want to see turtles, you want to visit during the summer as that’s the nesting season for them.

When can you avoid crowds?

Obviously when you go and visit a location like Hawaii you want to avoid crowds. And that’s why we recommend you to go off-season if you want to stay away from crowds. The off-season is between the middle of April and it will stretch until the middle of June. July and August are drawing crowds too, but the off-season is your best bet if you want to avoid crowds and just explore Hawaii at your own pace.

When can you spend less money in Hawaii?

Since Hawaii can be quite expensive most of the time, it’s hard to figure out the best time for a trip on the cheap side. But there are some ways to achieve that. You want to avoid the peak season because it ends up being very expensive. Spring break can be a good time to avoid expensive prices, but there are other times too. The idea is to study everything and see where you can save money. Travel search engines can help you with discounts, and then you have Skyscanner for airfare. It’s a very good idea to check all of these, as the return on investment will be a great one in the end.

Best time to go fishing

Naturally, you can go fishing in Hawaii just about the entire year. That being said, some of the fishing times are better than others. That’s why a recommendation is to go during the summer since you can fish ono, skipjack or marlin. Winter months can be good for the snapper or tuna. Fish Maui is a great option if you visit Hawaii for fishing and similar activities, as it can provide a very good and exciting experience.

Visiting the Kilauea Volcano

The Kilauea volcano is actually one of the top things to check out when you visit Hawaii. That being said, it can take a little bit of time to figure out when you should actually give it a try yourself. What we noticed here is the fact that the summer months tend to be the best ones for visiting the Hawaii. With that in mind, you will like the fact that you get to see the full moon in action, it looks amazing and you will be enticed with the experience and results.


As a whole, there are many different times when you want to visit Hawaii based on what you are looking for. It all comes down to taking your time and working hard to deliver an incredible, rewarding experience. It’s exciting and it certainly has the potential to provide outstanding results. You can use our list as a set of guidelines while you pick the best times to visit Hawaii. At the end of the day, it’s all about your beloved activities and what you really like to see and do. It will be worth it for sure!

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